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Help Young Rwandans Spread the Spirit of Empowerment!

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In 2016, a group of young Rwandans and a few Americans catalyzed a new initiative for the poorest youth in Rwanda. That idea grew into Rungano-Ndota Initiative and Rwanda Youth Partnership. Our organizations have been collaborating steadily ever since. 
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We invite you to participate in our growing community dedicated to the empowerment of vulnerable Rwandan youth!

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These Rwandans have vision. Having grown up through genocide in their country, these young leaders know the importance of a community where everyone is included, supported, and encouraged to pursue a positive future. They are building “Rungano-Ndota,” meaning “a dream generation” in their country.

They understand the power of engaging vulnerable youth by building powerful bonds of community - inclusive, engaged, and entrepreneurial.

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In the USA, we formed Rwanda Youth Partnership as a community of support around this dynamic team. We engage volunteers from around the world to participate in our growing network of friends and supporters.

To re-balance from the history of colonialism, we trust Rwandan leadership  and vision. We listen to Rungano-Ndota’s founders and youth to understand their strengths, challenges, and goals… then we collaborate so they can find success. This approach changes mindsets, as we all see what empowerment makes possible!

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Together, we are learning what real partnership can create.

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Join the growing RYP community!

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