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Coaching and Collaborating

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Coaching and collaborating are the heart of RYP’s approach. Our efforts have evolved organically based on friendship and the shared desire to build meaningful opportunities for vulnerable youth. When possible,  we meet in person. But most of our collaboration happens virtually in a variety of formats and groupings.

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RYP volunteers and RNI staff come together from 3 continents 
to work on plans for increasing microfinance capabilities!

RYP volunteers bring a wide range of skills and backgrounds that can help RNI continue innovating in their programs and strengthening as an organization. However, since most RYP volunteers are not Rwandan, our desire to help starts with listening! RYP recognizes that the RNI team and other Rwandans bring expertise about ways that vulnerable youth in their country can build stronger futures. Indeed, the RNI team grew up experiencing genocide and its aftermath, so they understand vulnerability in many forms.   In addition, RNI leaders often consult RNI youth members about the direction of the program. Approaches from other countries add value, but only when they build on Rwandan expertise born of the wisdom of life experience.  

To build on that expertise, RYP focuses on areas identified by RNI leaders and youth. We act upon those needs by finding solutions through ongoing discussion and projects geared towards their benefit. Areas of coaching and collaboration range from youth leadership development to monitoring and evaluation, marketing and graphic design to microfinance and mentoring, business planning and coaching cooperatives to overall strategies for funding and growth. 

RNI and RYP have collaborated and grown together since the idea was born one night in 2016 in the Nyungwe Forest!

Meet some RYP volunteers who are part of our collaboration!

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"I assumed I would attend an RYP virtual tour with Rungano-Ndota, donate some money, and that would be it.  But to see these young people empowered to take their lives in a positive direction, forming co-ops which provide key businesses in their community, while also earning a living for these young entrepreneurs, all was amazing and inspirational. I had to get involved in some way.  Volunteering my time to support this ongoing work is truly rewarding."

-  Loleta Fahad, Head of Career Pathways,
University College London

Working on the business plan for the Tofu Fresh cooperative! Coach Vladimir David, upper left, joins Adam Isingizwe, RNI Livelihoods Officer (center), RYP’s Todd Fry (upper right) and coach Anil Thomas (lower center).

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If you would like to help, please contact 
Todd Fry at RYP:


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