Advisory Council


There is nothing more effective than grassroots leadership and people problem-solving in their own communities.  Rungano-Ndota is an amazing example of that and I am proud to be involved.

Nishith Acharya, CEO of Equal Innovation Consulting;
Former Executive Director of the Deshpande Foundation

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I've had the honour of implementing youth leadership and entrepreneurship projects in 30 countries, and what makes RYP/RNI stand head and shoulders above the rest is the impact. Their work has resulted in real change and made a real difference to their community. The strong spirit of community and connectedness that the Rwandan youth bring to each other is powerful. The world has much to learn from this group of youth about leadership, humanity and social change. I'm grateful to be a part of their journey and to support them to excel as change agents

Afshan Baksh
Managing Director, Evolve Global Solutions


Rungano-Ndota is mobilizing and harnessing the enormous potential of Africa’s future – young people determined to make the most of exceptionally challenging situations and utilize entrepreneurship, leadership, and education to shape a brighter tomorrow for themselves and their communities.  These young leaders are an inspiration to us all and I am honored to be a part of this.

Steven Clarke,
Director for Corporate Clean Energy Leadership, Ceres


Rungano-Ndota reminds us of the power that young people have to forge new narratives of possibility. The young men and women not only embody the long journey of national healing, but they are also propeling the country forward through their collective leadership and imagination. This is a long term bet on them and the future of Rwanda.

Juan G. Fernandez,
Education Philanthropic Advisor


I love seeing young people stretch to fulfill their potential.  I’m really inspired to see that stretch in these young people who came through genocide.  Great to see them turn their struggle into building businesses and other positive purposes.  We’ve got to support that kind of leadership.

Jeff Leerink
CEO of SVB Leerink


Visiting Rungano-Ndota changed my life and gave me a new hope for what is possible.  It also confirmed we have a long journey ahead. I was truly blown away by the young leaders of Rungano-Ndota, their humility and strength and commitment to the principles of economic resiliency for themselves and their immediate community.

Glynn Lloyd
Executive Director of the Business Equity Initiative,
Eastern Bank


Having been involved in a variety of youth leadership movements in the greater Boston area over the past thirty years, I have seen how youth empowerment has led to change in concrete and lasting ways.  With all that has gone on in Rwanda, and the atrocities of genocide, I want to help support and empower young people in the country to develop and lead the way forward.

Susan Musinsky,
Executive Director of the Social Innovation Forum


Africa’s great asset and future is her growing population, especially youth and their potential. Thise potential needs to be developed, harnessed and deployed as a resource for development. For this goal, Rungano-Ndota and the RYP providing leadership and entrepreneurial opportunities to Rwandan youth is critical in developing the next generation of leaders for Africa’s development.

Emmanuel Owusu
Executive Director of the African Bridge Network


Rungano-Ndota has been a game changer for channeling the entrepreneurial spirit of youth of Rwanda. Having visited and met with some of the leadership of the Initiative, I am convinced Rungano-Ndota is a perfect model for nurturing the youth of Rwanda to become socially conscious leaders and entrepreneurs of the country. At the pace the organization is growing and impacting the lives of youth, it may very well be a regional model.

Prataap Patrose
Senior Advisor for Long Term Planning
Boston Planning and Development Agency


I grew up in a rural village in the Azores, small islands in the Atlantic. For a while, I also lived in Angola. Those formative years made me aware of the impact of colonialism and the challenges young people face around the world. Add the experience of genocide, and the challenges become quite extreme. I am impressed with how the youth of Rungano-Ndota are building opportunities for themselves and each other. Their initiative and determination are just what we need in the world these days!

Luis Pedroso
CEO of Accutronics


I am interested in learning from the youth culture in Rungano-Ndota as they teach all human beings about the strong human spirit they possess which enabled them to persevere through such horror and adversity. I am interested in what they can teach us about creating a new and better society from the ashes of the old and broken one, and about what societal innovations they create which we can apply here

in the U.S.A.

Tracy Sopchak
Founder & Owner, Next Step Nonprofit 

Photo Anil Thomas.jpg

As an entrepreneur and engineer, I get excited when people are building something sustainable and successful. Rungano N'Dota (RNI) is doing one better than the proverbial 'Teaching a person to fish'. RNI not only helps youth build businesses,  but provides a network of support that pays it forward by loaning money, expertise, and support to a growing community of youth and their new businesses. I'm inspired each time I participate in business coaching sessions with Adam and the rest of the energetic, smart RNI team. Contributing my experience gives extra meaning to my day as I get to play a small part in the wave of change that RNI is creating in its community.

Anil Thomas
CEO of Avata Inc.