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Annual Delegation to Rwanda

Our annual Leadership Exchange takes a delegation from the USA and other countries to engage with the leaders and youth of Rungano-Ndota.

Delegation with Coops Youth (1).jpg

2018 Delegates with RNI Staff and Youth

“ This trip changed my life and gave me a new hope about what is possible. It also confirmed we have a long journey ahead. I was truly blown away by the young leaders of Rungano-Ndota, their humility and strength and commitment to the principles of economic resiliency for themselves and their immediate community.”

- Glynn Lloyd of Eastern Bank, 2018 Delegate

Rung Day Morning Energizer Learning Aug 2019.JPG

2019 Delegates in a morning energizer learning new steps from RNI youth!

“ Teaming up with people from the USA and other countries who have different experiences and professions to share taught me how significant it is to have other people by my side.  Collaborating with RYP Delegates led me to acquire knowledge and skills, and also to better understand how different our cultures and social lives are but how we are the same as human beings.”

– Yvonne Kagoyire, RNI Mentoring Officer


Kigali - Rwanda’s Capital City

The Leadership Exchange includes two weeks of immersion in Rwanda and Rungano-Ndota. RNI leaders and youth show the delegates Kigali, so we have a sense of Rwanda’s major city through their eyes and experiences.

Deleg Camellia Lunch Aug 2019.png

A special lunch in Kigali! 2019 delegates from the USA and Uganda with RNI youth and staff

Memorial Visits

In order to understand the context of genocide and its legacy in Rwanda, we visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial and other genocide sites.

RNI Staff Yvonne Kagoyire visiting the Ntarama Genocide Memorial with the 2019 delegation.  

Engaging With Youth

Much of our time is spent with the youth of Rungano-Ndota – seeing their cooperatives and other businesses, visiting the vocational schools where they study, and sharing workshops during “Rungano Days” of leadership programming with the assembled community.

“ It’s hard to understand how people who don’t know you can show concern and even decide to spend their money and time to come and see you. When I see Delegates, I see love and sacrifice. I don’t know what to say, but I will spread love as a legacy I got it from them.”

- Mussa Niyonkuru, RNI Youth

Mpanda Culinary Esther Aug 2019.png
Workshop Rosemary Adam Aug 2019.png
Workshop Amy Aug 2019.JPG

Creating a Connection

Delegates enjoy games and cultural performances with RNI youth and make a wide range of connections with the Rungano-Ndota community.

Dayneu Salon Fiona Smile Aug 2019_edited.jpg

2019 Delegate Fiona Nanyombi enjoying a makeover from RNI youth Afissa Mukanyandwi and Bosco Nyurikiye, ready to open a salon once Covid allows!

Dayneu Jim Zainab Dancing Aug 2019.png

2019 Delegate Jim Sopchak and RNI youth Zainab Ituze teaching some steps of traditional dance!

Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 8.35.21 PM.png

2019 Delegates, RNI staff, youth, and parents after a discussion at Ruhango’s mosque.

Kickoff Fidele and Glynn.JPG

2018 Delegate Glynn Lloyd in discussion with RNI Leader Fidele Uwizeyimana.

A Special Excursion

Delegates have the option to add on a two-night trip to Lake Kivu, traveling through the beautiful volcanic northern hills to enjoy some recreation with Rungano youth before you head back home.

2019 delegates and RNI youth heading to Lake Kivu!

2018 Delegate Nate Pegues with RNI Staff Yvonne Kagoyire enjoying  Lake Kivu... 

 ...and with RNI youth Fils Vedaste back on land for
a game of cards!

“ The Delegates and RNI gave me the chance to travel and visit Lake Kivu, a beautiful tourist area in my country that I had never seen. The ambiance we shared on the trip, sleeping in a special Lake Kivu hotel, seeing my first lake and swimming in it are sweet moments for me that I will never forget.”

– Gloriose Mugirase, RNI youth

Lifelong Friends

From the whole experience, we promise you an unforgettable experience and a new circle of friends and connections that can last a lifetime!

The Sopchak family, 2019 Delegates, with RNI President Erneste Nkubana, ready for musical collaboration!

2019 Delegate Jonathan Sengoba (right) thanking the RNI community for a great visit, with translation by RNI youth Nicolas Nizeyimana.

2019 Delegate Rosemary Agbede enoying closing appreciations with RNI staff Pallotti Gatera and youth Zainab Ituze.

Artboard – 5.jpg

Join Us!

We typically host the delegation for two weeks in early August. Delegates pay their own way as part of the Leadership Exchange.   

If you would like to learn more, contact 
Todd Fry at RYP:
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